slide2Strengthen the look and feel of your home’s interior with our professional drywall work and plastering services based in Southeastern MA. Elias Plastering LLC’s wall plastering and ceiling repair specialists have the experience and skills needed to execute simple to challenging and difficult projects. You won’t be disappointed in the final look and feel of your walls and ceilings!

A Lost Art
Classic plastering is an older method of building and forming walls. Did you know that many older buildings have walls made by hand from plaster? Today, there are only a limited amount of plasterers active, which is why it’s hard to find a good professional for a special job.

Drywall Work
Drywall has been around since the 1950s. The work involves screwing drywall boards to studs, after which seams are taped and spackled for smooth surfaces. With our extensive experience in wall plastering, our highly skilled team is able to make straight corners and smooth, attractive walls for your living space.

In addition to traditional drywall, Elias Plastering LLC. has extensive experience in drywall specialties such as GFRG shapes, mold resistant drywall, abuse resistant drywall, level 5 finishing, state of the art fire stopping of wall joints and many others to suit any needs. We also can provide any style bead work such as J channel, stop bead, L trim, arch bead, flexible bead and bull nose bead. There’s an array of different finish beads to suit your project.

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